Private Estates / Mausoleums & Crypts

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Each private mausoleum or crypt is professionally designed and created as an individual expression of your family. At our office you can choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and rare colorful granites that may include special carvings, benches, vases, and meditation areas.

Everlasting Remembrance...

Distinctively designed private mausoleums and crypts provide exclusive above ground entombment.  Purchasing a Private Mausoleum or crypt allows you to make a sensible, planned investment, ensuring one less major decision at the time of great stress and emotion.Scott.jpg


  • Clean, dry above ground entombment
  • Total natural stone exterior, shows strength and elegance
  • Shows pride in family and personal accomplishments
  • Each Private Mausoleum or crypt is an unique work of art
  • The ultimate in memorialization  and personalization
  • Meditation area with benches located at the site of mausoleum or crypt

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