Historical People

We are honored to be the home to several famous civil rights workers, educators, and other local citizens of merit. Each of these individuals has an important story to tell because they are an important part of the Columbus Community and Green Acres history.

Dr. Thomas H. Brewer (1894-1956) a physician, a martyr of the national civil rights movement. Ms. Mildred L. Terry (1912-1994) the first librarian of the Fourth Ave. Library and the first for African Americans.
Dr. John Henrik Clarke (1915-1998) a famous educator and author of nineteen books, incl. Lives of Great African Chiefs Mr. John L. Sconiers, Sr.  (1884-1959) founder of the first and only black bank in Columbus during that time.
Rev. Dr. Thomas W. Smith  (Died 1966) the first president of the local NAACP chapter founded on Dec. 3,1939 Dr. Morris Clarke  (Died 1972) the first black man to serve on the grand jury since reconstruction.
Dr. James M. Grant, DDS  (1909-1979) contributor to the fight for first class citizenship rights, and first African American appointed to Muscogee School Board. Mrs. Myrtle G. Grant  (1912-1981) responsible for the first women's dormitory for the military, which evolved into the Fifth Ave. Comm. Center.
Mr. Jessie James Taylor  (1936-1993) the first Executive Director of the Urban League of Greater Columbus, Inc.

Ms. Shirley L. Winston (1964-1990) the City of Columbus opened a multi-purpose facility in her honor after she was slain on duty as a police officer.

Mr. Vernon Mitchell  (1928-1970) a publisher of the first local black newspaper-The Columbus News. Ms. Judith Grant Shabazz  (1940-2001) a historian of African American heritage, first African-American to serve as a docent for the Columbus Museum.

To learn more about these distinguished individuals please visit our Cemetery office for a printed handout and self-guided tour of their gravesites.

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