Benefits of Pre-Planning

The "Family" is such an important part of our lives that we are passionate about focusing all of our efforts on helping families purchase their family lots in advance while there is a clear state-of-mind.  It is a fact, that one day we will all loose a member of our family; however, the issue is that no one knows who or when.  If no gravesite has been purchased in advance for the inevitable and there is a death, the result often times is tremendous emotional and financial stress.  The answer is Pre-Planning - purchasing one gravesite so there is protection for the unexpected. Green Acres Cemetery is here to help your family purchase one or more lots ahead of time to prevent this outcome from happening.

Benefits of planning ahead...

  • Keeps family members together in a family lot
  • Purchasing one grave allows us to reserve more graves next to it with no obligation on your part.  The gravesite can be used for burial of any family member
  • Prevents emotional overspending caused by making decisions while under stress and grieving
  • You do not have to come up with all of the money at one time
  • Allows for easy monthly payments. ($25.00 down / 72 monthly payments of $33.00 a month) If requested the lot can be paid off early at no penatly
  • Provides peace-of-mind to you and your loved ones that you have provided this important protection for your family

To schedule an appointment with us please call 706 561-3553 or 706 681-5376/706 681-5384 or just complete the short contact form (click Here). At your convenience we can arrange an appointment to meet with you either at your home or cemetery office.

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